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Things to do in Vilnius at night

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If the wide choice of daily activities in Vilnius has left you craving for more, it is time to learn more about what the night has to offer. Local people are constantly surprised by the city at night. Tourists are even more passionate to explore Vilnius' night-life. Although in comparison to some of the largest European or the USA cities, Vilnius may seem to be drowsy, the things to do here are plenty. Especially, if you visit the capital during interesting events, a good many nights will be filled with activities and excitement. You will find plenty of entertainment for both a romantic night and a loud night out. Vilnius at night is very compact, there is no need to take a taxi as all of the most interesting places are within walking distance.


The map below shows the places to visit in evening or night. You will also find night-clubs and bars.

Night walks around Vilnius

You will find the city centre and Vilnius Old Town to be perfect for a romantic walk. As a side note, crime rate in Vilnius is low, so upon choosing the right route, you will feel safe and cosy. The lighting of architecture with an artistic touch will leave you impressed. Artificial illumination highlights the accents that are often left undiscovered in daylight, making you reach for the camera to capture a unique and unusual picture.

The walk can begin as the sun starts to set and the sunrays start bouncing off the red roofs of our Old Town. Some of the places offering the most beautiful panoramic views of Vilnius are not properly established and will have you going slightly off-road. One of the most picturesque panoramas of Vilnius is seen from the terrace, above the abandoned cinema theatre "Lietuva". The tangled streets of Old Town, historical Gediminas' Tower, and the Hill of Three Crosses are all in view from this place. This is an under-explored meadow with a few dozen square meters acting as a meeting point for all types of people. Do feel safe as there is an intensive movement on the stairs of the terrace.

The most popular observation site for tourists is located on the Subacius' Hill. Here opens the delightful contrast of the Old Town and the new skyscrapers of Vilnius. It makes for a perfect place to watch the sunset and start a night tour around Vilnius. On top of that, during the warm season a café is opened on the site.

vilnius panorama in the evening

Observation site on Subacius Hill in Vilnius

The Old Town itself is within walking distance from the Subacius' observation site. We recommend choosing the Bastion of Vilnius City Wall, locally known as Barbakanas, as the first object to visit. From here, you will also have a new perspective of the Old Town. There are places to sit down and admire the beautiful scenery of the evening Vilnius. The bastion was built in the 17th century, and has been reconstructed recently. Furthermore, an ancient artillery museum has been opened there. Keep in mind, the museum is not the best choice to visit late in the evening as it closes at 6pm. Explore the many stories that have been told about the Bastion, one of them, a tale of the mythical creature basilisk, who lived in the undergrounds of the Bastion.

As the night falls, it is worth to continue the tour towards the Gate of Dawn. The Gate of Dawn is part of the Vilnius' defensive wall. It has become famous for the miraculous icon of the St. Mary. Each year, thousands of Catholic pilgrims come here to pray for help and ask advice of the Mother of God. The Gate of Dawn and the Chapel are illuminated at night and look fascinating. Before continuing the tour, it is high time for refreshments. Right by the Gate of Dawn sits a complex of restaurants, including a well reviewed German restaurant "Bunte Gans" and a Portuguese cuisine restaurant "Galo do Porto". If you are looking for a harmoniously tranquil evening, the jazz bar "Jazz Club" is the place to be.

best restaurant in vilnius Bunte gans

"Galo do Porto" restaurant is praised for seafood dishes. "Galo do Porto" and the German - European cuisine restaurant "Bunte Gans" are managed by the same owners who take pride in their focus on the quality of food, cosy environment, and attention to customer. A guaranteed lasting impression whether it is a visit with business partners, friends, or that special romantic evening.

fish restaurant in vilnius zuvine

In the restaurant "Žuvinė" (the place of Fish), located in the Vilnius Town Hall square, we recommend trying fresh fish dishes. The owners are supplied fish not only from the ponds, but also from the fishermen, catching fish in the Curonian Lagoon, the Baltic sea, or lakes. Depending on the season, you can taste fish that is highly valued nationally. If you travel at the end of winter - beginning of spring, make sure to order marinated European smelts, if later, wild catfish or zander steak. Currently available menu of the restaurant can be found here.

You can continue your excursion towards the Town Hall. One of the most impressive objects is the illuminated St Casimir's Church. Remind yourself to check whether there are events taking place as free classical and choral music concerts are often organised there. Now, let's cruise down the Savičiaus and Bokšto streets towards the Church of St. Anne and Užupis. The Church of St. Anne is illuminated at night, and will likely impress more than if seen in the daytime.  From here, you can circle around Užupis, appreciating the looks of the illuminated Mermaid, and pausing to read the Constitution of Užupis. Or, you can choose to first walk around Uzupis and then take the Malunu street to reach the Church of St Anne..

Having seen Uzupis and the Church of St. Anne, turn to Pilies street. I would recommend taking a walk through Literatu street. Take the finely lit up Pilies' street to go down towards the Cathedral. Alternatively, take the roads less traveled and reach the Cathedral through St. John's alley, passing the Vilnius University, and the Presidential Palace. The Cathedral Square remains animated long into the night, and the bustling and cheerful Christmas Fair is always there during the Christmas season.

Night clubs with live music

There is a fair amount of night discos, bars and clubs in Vilnius. Most of them are opened on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and are all located nearby, either in the Old Town of Vilnius or in the City Center. The clubs located in the center of Vilnius are preferred by an elegant, higher-income audience. If you are a visitor of Vilnius or accompanying a business partner, it is worth booking a hotel in these areas. These are one of the safest districts in Vilnius, and the sounds of entertainment facilities will not interfere with your peace of mind. Meanwhile, the clubs usually chosen by the younger ones are located slightly outside the center.

Live music clubs for sophisticated audiences.

To get a middle-aged business partner acquainted with the nightlife of Vilnius, your best bet is to bring him to bar or club with live music. Usually, the atmosphere here will highly depend on the style of the music being played.


"Mojo Lounge" is a nightclub offering different musical styles. Live music is played here on Thursdays - Saturdays. The club is opened until 5am. The club is visited by fashionably dressed young adults.

"Pabo Latino" is for a rather mature audience, with stylish men and beautiful women following the Latin American rhythms. Thursdays through Saturdays are full of live music. The party doesn't stop till dawn.

Night-clubs for the youth

"Brodvėjus", located in a small Mesiniu street stays opened from Tuesday through Sunday. Local bands perform various styles of music. It is safe, fun and a positive atmosphere prevails. The club is usually open until 4 am.

"Salento" club is popular among youth, especially students; both Lithuanians and those that have come to study in Vilnius. Joyful atmosphere with live music from Thursday to Saturday.

"Menų fabrikas Loftas" is located slightly further from the Old Town, in a former factory. Various events, concerts are organized here. The events are mostly aimed at a younger audience.

Nightclubs and bars

If you a noisy environment is not for you, there are plenty of calm, privacy-friendly places for entertainment in Vilnius.

"Sky Bar" is located in the uppermost floor of the "Radisson Blu Hotel". While at the bar, you can admire the night Vilnius. It is opened until 2am.

The club "Lithuanian Wild" is in the very centre of Vilnius, in Gediminas Avenue. You will find a separate room to have hookah with your group - "Hookah and Tea Club"; a show club - "Wild Girls"; a sport poker club - "Wild Poker". It is opened from 11pm until the morning.

"Aula Blues Club", located in Pilies street, combines good music and delicious food. During the cold season, events take place in the restaurant, and during the warm season you will be seated in the terrace. You can listen to blues, jazz, rock rhythms here until 11pm.

The club "Artistai" attracts a more mature audience. Various performances are held Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and don't stop till the morning.

Being active at night in Vilnius

The evening, spend at a sports club, creates a very positive and meaningful communication between business partners. In Vilnius, most of the bowling and pool clubs are slightly further from the centre. Here, you can order food or drinks, events often take place. Some of these facilities stay open until the midnight.

"Apollo" is the place to play bowling and enjoy tasty food. Sometimes they hold live music evenings.

Night entertainment in Vilnius

Themed night entertainment is becoming more popular in Vilnius. Nightly orienteering events through Vilnius streets are organised. Visiting museums at night and culture nights have been organised for several years here.

International Museums' Day (18th of May) is celebrated on the second half of May (it was 20th of May in 2017). This is the night when Vilnius' museums open doors for visitors. Unseen places, where visitors are usually not allowed, are opened. For example, the doors of the City Hall undergrounds were opened in 2017. The museums can be visited free of charge. Unfortunately, this often gives way for long queues to form. Many museums not only open their doors, but also organise various events and performances.

The last Friday of September is dedicated toward the "Researchers' Night". Nearly all museums, research laboratories and institutions are opened on the night, scientific experiments are conducted together with visitors, lectures are given, visitors are familiarised with the expositions.

In the mid of June, one of the most spectacular night events, the "Night of Culture", takes place. In 2017, the "Night of Culture" included about 130 events attracting over 400 artists and performers. Over 100.000 people attended the events. On this night more than ever, Vilnius comes alive. Each corner reflects the sounds of music, couples spinning under the moon or street lights. No doubt this is the best night to get to know Vilnius at night.

In September, the nightlife lovers are invited to the night roller blading in Vilnius (Night skating Vilnius). The participants of the event are accompanied by security guards, a disco takes place later.

Bar-crawl route through Vilnius bars.

It is common to visit several bars in Vilnius rather than spend the night in one. Whatever the reason for the bar-crawl, it is worth trying the many different kinds of beer. Vilnius' bars offer original makes of beer, gathered from smaller factories in Lithuania or abroad, or often made by themselves. Be sure to look out for many renowned beer brands that you are not found in any supermarket. It is most satisfying to travel through the city on a warm summer night with outdoor terraces opened at many bars.

beer restaurant in vilnius

Beer restaurants - bars "Šnekutis" ('the Chatter') are a perfect place to taste the variety of Lithuanian beers. You can pick from three locations:  on Šv. Stepono, Šv. Mikalojaus and Polocko streets.

You can start your journey at the "Gringo" bar on Vilnius street. An easy and friendly atmosphere dominates here. The next stop would be "Marsas". Find the bar loved by local artists on Trakų St. 15. Food menu is also available here. The same Trakų street is where you find "Alaus biblioteka" ('the Beer Library'), where beer is slightly more expensive, however, the great reviews make up for that. It offers a wide selection of beer, and a possibility to book a beer tasting party. Going further, to Aušros vartų street, you will find the "Bunte Gans" restaurant mentioned before. Many have given positive reviews on the swabian Zoller Hof beer. Be aware, the restaurant closes at 10pm on weekdays and stays open till 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are looking for an evening meal, this is the right place.

You may wish to make a stop at the youth bar "Plius". Beer here is cheaper, the vast majority of visitors are students. A rather exotic point of your route can be "Peronas", a beer bar next to the central train station with a view to trains coming and going. Live music, and DJ performances are often organized. From here turn back, following the previous route to reach the Islandijos street, and the bar "Briusly". It focuses on Belgian food, and stays open till 5am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Surely, it is not a proper pub-crawl unless you visit the bar "Šnekutis". The most famous of the  "Šnekutis" bar-restaurant is at Šv. Mykalojaus St.15. Other bars - restaurants are located on Šv. Stepono St. 8 and Polocko St. 7A. "Šnekutis" was probably the first to start a tradition of beer tasting in Vilnius and the one to keep it until now. A wide selection of beer, collected from various small Lithuanian brewers. Unique beer is also made at the bar's brewery. Unfortunately, "Šnekutis" closes at 11 pm, so be sure to make it one of the first places to visit in your route.

"Bunte Gans" at Aušros Vartų St. 11. Great place to eat and try the swabian Zoller Hof, known as one of the best beers found in Lithuania. Try it yourself.

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Naktinis klubas Vilniuje Jazz Cellar 11

Ką veikti Vilniuje naktį

Naktinės pramogos Vilniuje, pėstute po naktinį Vilnių, Vilniaus naktiniai klubai, barai. Ką vekti naktį Vilniuje. Gyva muzika Vilniuje. 

best restaurant in vilnius Bunte gans

Things to do in Vilnius at night

If the wide choice of daily activities in Vilnius has left you craving for more, it is time to learn more about what the night has to offer. Night live in Vilnius, Vilnius nightlife, Vilnius nightclubs and bars, Vilnius night out, Vilnius night live, night club vilnius Lithuania, best nightclubs in Vilnius  

Žmogiškoji komedija VIETŲ NĖRA

Viena diena, viena vieta, vienas veikiantis žmogus šiame spektaklyje... Bet kiek tame aistros ir gaivalo, absurdo ir tikėjimo.  

Per vieną vakarą „Lofte“ – net du renginiai roko gerbėjam: britai „Dirty Goods“ ir „Antis“

Per vieną vakarą „Lofte“ – net du renginiai roko gerbėjam: britai „Dirty Goods“ ir „Antis“ 

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Džiazo klubas Vilniuje. Kavinės, barai, klubai Vilniaus senamiestyje. Gyvos muzikos vakarai. Jazz klubas Vilnius. Gyvos muzikos vakarai Vilniuje
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