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Best beauty clinics in Vilnius

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When you decide to visit a beauty clinic, it is undoubtedly very easy to get lost in the variety of offers and different services. It has been a while now that cosmetology is replaced by procedures carried out by different machines, even replacing plastic surgery. When visiting a beauty clinic, procedures such as mole removal, scar removal, facial rejuvenation and face lifts might be done by using laser equipment instead of old-fashioned plastic surgery.

Laser treatments and aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic gynecology - these are the main branches that the procedures carried out by beauty clinics are divided into. There are more than one beauty clinics in Vilnius performing procedures as mentioned. That is the reason it is not surprising to hear some complaints about how complicated it is to choose the clinic personally. It is not clear what criteria are one should pay attention to; which aspects are of the biggest importance and which are not that significant. In order to help you make a decision, we present you with a short review of the beauty clinics and their services as well as the most important criteria which should be taken into consideration while choosing a beauty clinic.

Laser dermatology in Vilnius

The skin of our face and body is the first thing people see and it gives them the information about our health, fatigue, the quality of our sleep and the time we spend on ourselves. When facing the factors of time and environment, it is impossible to avoid the various problems, including skin aging, the loss of elasticity, color change, spots and other skin diseases.

People are less likely to choose cosmetics because they are not always able to effectively solve all skin problems. That is why people often are determined to test the new and innovative medical method - laser procedures. Laser and aesthetic dermatology clinics offer non-invasive body and skin care procedures that are performed without surgery using laser equipment. Laser driven medicine is highly appreciated for the next generation of lasers, with which all procedures are painless and maximally effective.

You can find services such as removal of scars, moles, stretch marks, capillaries, wrinkles, and other skin defects in the list of beauty clinic services.

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular procedures performed with medical lasers. Nowadays, painful depilation with wax is being used less frequently, which leaves visible hair and irritated skin, so the hair on different parts of the body - upper lip, armpits, legs, back, abdomen and bikini zone is more often being removed by laser procedures. In advanced clinics, hair removal uses only the latest generation of lasers - diodes or Alexandrite lasers. When it comes to technology and its effectiveness, it is probably not a question of how much one kind of equipment is better than another. Scientists came to the conclusion that these two types of lasers are equally effective in removing hair, although minor differences remain. For example, the light emitted by a diode laser is more intense than the Alexandrite laser, but that is why the procedure is a bit more painful. True that it is the diode lasers that are already using the innovative technology, meaning that the diode laser tip is cooled down to -10 ° C, making the procedure painless.

The Beauty Therapy and surgery clinic Sugihara performs hair removal procedures with 4 types of lasers, one of which is a Laser Sapphire diode laser whose nozzle reaches a minus temperature during the procedure, which makes the procedure painless.

Corrections of face skin are also in the field of the services that are of a rising demand. Procedures such as long-term skin rejuvenation, firming, stretching, wrinkle removal are performed quickly and efficiently with the help of laser equipment - Fotona lasers are highly valued for their multifunctional effect on the skin. The 4D facial rejuvenation procedure is performed by the Photon lasers. The whole world is now talking about this procedure because the result is compared to plastic operations.

procedure of 4D face rejuvenation
Beauty therapy and surgery clinic Sugihara has an innovative full-featured laser equipment which might be used in order to perform the procedure of 4D face rejuvenation that meets the highest standards.

Aesthetical dermatology in Vilnius

Beauty injections are the most popular procedures for aesthetic dermatology. Often, they are made in order to try to preserve the youth of the skin, maintain the firmness and get rid of some drawbacks.

Often beauty injections are more popular than plastic surgery and are chosen more often for important benefits: the procedures are almost painless, performed in a faster and easier manner. This non-surgical treatment is an alternative to those who have a negative view of plastic surgery. An important factor is that the period after the procedure does not cause too much of discomfort: there are no swelling, pains, and it is possible to return to your normal routine immediately. Also, the likelihood of complications occurring remains very low.

Hyaluronic acid and botulinum injections are procedures that most often occur in the field of aesthetical dermatology.

Hyaluronic injection procedure works as a skin rejuvenation act, after which the facial skin becomes firmer, moisturized and the visible wrinkles are reduced. Many people strictly oppose to plastic surgery, looking favorably at these procedures because, for example, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is naturally produced by our skin. Due to aging, the production of this substance decreases, so this procedure only adds to the skin's reserves. Hyaluronic acid injections today not only rejuvenate the skin, but also plump the lips, adjust the volume of cheeks and chin, and reduce the look of the sunken eyes.

Botulinum injections, also known as Botox, also are products of a natural substance which is produced by the bacteria. In the beauty industry, this substance is meant to straighten the wrinkles, that occur when facial muscle move. Increased sweating is also treated by the Botox injections.

If you are a person who tried to overcome any of the mentioned problems with homemade remedies before, including some juices, oils and homemade facial masks, you might consider putting the remedies aside and try the proven, effective medical methods instead.

Plastic surgery in Vilnius

For the minor corrections of the skin, face and the body, the clients usually choose the above-mentioned beauty injection and laser treatments, however, when talking about bigger problems and more visible results are desired, plastic surgery is considered.

Even though in the past, this sphere was viewed as rather conservatively, the beauty clinics that offer modern procedures have surgeons, doctors with aesthetic surgery diplomas in their teams. Certified aesthetic surgery specialists carry out procedures such as the removal of moles and skin derivatives, fat suction operations, augmentation / lowering or lifting of the breasts, ear operations and more.

The desire to look nice and enjoy yourself is an indisputable fact, which is confirmed by the growing demand for plastic surgery. One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, facial skin stretching, nose correction, and fat extraction.

Laser and aesthetic gynecology in Vilnius

We can note that everyone is willing to talk about various health problems, however, is not everyone who is willingly and openly sharing intimate health problems. People typically avoid talking about some of the troubles in sexual life, even to their doctor. But these days are not the right time to be shy or shameful. The emergence of modern medical and beauty area - aesthetic gynecology - easily removes various troubles for both sexes.

many of the gynecological procedures using modern laser technology
Aesthetic and laser dermatology clinic Sugihara performs many of the gynecological procedures using modern laser technology.

It is true that this area which is related to the reproductive organs and intimate life was understood differently for ages due to the stereotypes in society. For example, the idea about the rejuvenation procedure of intimate zones was always thought of as being unnecessary and considered to be simply a whim. Of course, now the genital health, appearance and other troubles started to be analyzed much more openly, so the use of such services is much more often.

Aesthetic gynecology solves physical problems such as urinary incontinence, vaginal spread after vaginal birth, vaginal dryness, loss of firmness, lack of satisfaction during sexual intercourse, vaginal scars, and many other problems.

Mentioned and similar problems can have a profound effect on women's lives, reduce their self-esteem and confidence, and lead to losing relationship with their partners.

Aesthetic gynecology is based on non-surgical treatments, so the results can be seen immediately. Hyaluronic injections are one of the more common methods used to rejuvenate the intimate zones: restoring moisture balance, elasticity, etc.

Laser equipment can also be used to solve gynecological problems. Many beauty clinics are using the most modern, a state-of-the-art fractional "Juliet" laser to treat urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, asymmetry of the labia, and the elasticity is returned. The laser treatment might be used for a wide sphere of procedures and corrections, you only need to see and feel the problems at the right time, before it's too late and understand, what exactly brings the discomfort for you.

laser in order to perform intimate zone rejuvenation procedure
"Era Esthetic" clinic of laser dermatology uses the "CO2RE Intima" laser in order to perform intimate zone rejuvenation procedure. This laser has been recognized as a gold standard in laser gynecology in USA.

Choosing the best beauty clinic in Vilnius

If you have already decided what beauty treatments you need, the next and most important step is to choose the best beauty clinic where quality is the key. Undoubtedly, all beauty clinics only provide professional help, but before hurrying to the nearest clinic, we suggest you consider which criteria are at the top of your priority list. This will help you decide which beauty clinic is best for you!

Professionals in the team is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria when choosing a beauty clinic where you will have needed treatments carried out and solve the problems you may have. Needless to say, qualified professionals are the guarantors of quality services. Most often, the reputation of the clinic depends on professionals working in the institution.

Often, specialists from different fields work under one roof, so a wide range of services can be used in one clinic. Dermato-venereology doctors, dermatologists, cosmetologists, professionals in their field who, after finding out your expectations, will help you to find the best solution to the problem. This criterion is important in most situations. Greater choice of professionals and services is convenient and necessary, especially if you are planning several different procedures. Therefore, when choosing a beauty clinic, it is important to find out what specialists are working in it.

Equipment is one of the most important factors determining the quality and results of the procedure as well. For example, if you are interested in laser hair removal, check out what laser and other equipment exact clinic uses. Keep in mind that all procedures require more than one laser. For example, hair removal requires a one intensity laser, while aesthetic gynecology uses a different type of laser. If poor quality equipment is used, complications may occur, and the procedure may be ineffective. In this case, you may have to repeat the procedure.

Alexandrite lasers for effective hair removal
"Era Esthetic" aesthetic and laser medicine clinic use the latest generation "GentleLase Pro" and "Gentle Max Pro" Alexandrite lasers for effective hair removal. These lasers emit 755nm wavelength and are tens of times more powerful than any other laser in the field.

When choosing a beauty clinic, there should be no doubt about its aesthetic appearance and cleanliness. Cleanliness and maximum hygiene are indispensable criteria for any facility. Well, as for the pleasant and beautiful environment of the clinic and the cozy atmosphere, it depends on the individual taste and understanding of each client that the staff shows. Some clients are more attentive to the environment because they know that they will be able to get loose and relax. For others, the environment has no effect whatsoever.

You will probably agree that most beauty treatments are quite expensive, so the difference in prices for some customers is a very important factor when choosing a certain clinic. However, too low prices should also rise the suspicion and be too good to be true to rely on them. Low service costs may be due to poor quality of equipment or the lack of professional qualifications. The higher price of procedures in a beauty clinic may also depend on the location of the clinic (if the clinic is the Old Town, for example, it will probably be way more expensive) and on its popularity. It is really worth remembering the old Lithuanian proverb: "Buy cheap, buy twice." The best solution is to look for the best value for money.

Many questions whether it is worth choosing a clinic just because it is close to home? The truth is that the location of the beauty clinic is quite important for those who are going to visit there more often than others. We must admit that poor communication, uncomfortable infrastructure, including a small parking lot, can cause discomfort or even trouble to the clients. However, this should not be the most important criterion for choosing a beauty clinic. It is best to choose a few different clinics with make you feel comfortable and compare them.

If you still have doubts about a certain beauty clinic which would be best for you, before making an appointment, you should check the legitimacy of the clinics and demand for the certification. This document is issued by the National Accreditation Health Service. After making sure that a certain beauty clinic has this document, there will be no question marks left about the quality of its services. Nowadays it is not difficult to find such information, usually it appears on a company's web page or you can simply ask this question during your consultation.

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Temą atitinkančios įmonės kataloge:


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Juozapavičiaus g. 9A-167, Vilnius
Mobilus: +370-615-27614, El. paštas:

Žalgirio g. 106, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-5-2653483, El. paštas:

Kalvarijų g. 261, Vilnius
Mobilus: +370-618-24885, +370-611-44674, El. paštas:

Smolensko 10 d, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-640-36034, Mobilus: +370-640-36034, El. paštas:

Lvovo g. 25, Vilnius
Mobilus: +370 2 210 5618, El. paštas:
Unikalūs žoliniai preparatai
T. Kosciuškos g. 17, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-5-2397810, +370-5-2160826, El. paštas:

Pavasario g. 21, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-5-2153398, El. paštas:

Gedimino pr. 32A, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-5-2123084, +370-5-2629517, Mobilus: +370-686-69300, El. paštas:

A.Vienuolio g. 6, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370-5-2127165, El. paštas:

S. Žukausko g. 2 - 115, Vilnius
Mobilus: +370-678-74240, El. paštas:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 16
Kompanijų produkcija
Reabilitacijos ligoninė Palangoje
Reabilitacijos ligoninė Palangoje

Palangos reabilitacijos ligoninė

Raukšlių lyginimo procedūra
Raukšlių lyginimas hialurono ir botulino injekcijomis Vilniuje

Raukšlių korekcija injekcijomis. Hialurono ir botulino in...

Plaukelių šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje veido ir rankų srityje
Plaukelių šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje

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Veido jauninimas Viršuliškėse
Grožio klinika Viršuliškėse

Grožio terapijos ir chirurgijos klinika Viršuliškėse

Grožio klinika Naujamiestyje
Grožio klinika Naujamiestyje

Lazerinės ir estetinės dermatologijos klinika Naujamiestyje.

Kviečiame į kirpyklų ir kosmetikos mugę

Kirpyklų ir kosmetikos mugė

Botulino injekcijos Vilniuje

Botulino injekcijos Vilniuje

Žuvų taukai Equazen Eye Q.
Equazen eye q žuvų taukai

Žuvų taukai mitybą papildo riebiosiomis rūgštimis

pagrindine Kopūstų auginimas

Kopūstų daiginimas ir sodinimas; kopūstų priežiūra; dirvos parengimas; kopūstų veislės, ligos ir kenkėjai

Vaistažolės nuo nemigos Vaistažolės nuo nemigos

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Pomidorų mišrainė su baravykais žiemai Pomidorų mišrainė su baravykais žiemai

Baravykų ir pomidorų mišrainės receptas.

Pomidorai savo sultyse Pomidorai savo sultyse

Savo sultyse marinuoti naminiai pomidorai be odelių

Morkų mišrainė su pomidorais žiemaii Morkų ir pomidorų mišrainė

Mišrainės iš morkų su pomidorais žiemai receptas

Burokėlių mišrainė su grybais žiemai Burokėlių mišrainė su grybais žiemai

Burokėlių mišrainė su pomidorais, paprika ir česnakais.

Geriausi voveraitės receptai Geriausias voveraičių receptas

Geriausi voveraičių receptai, patiekalai, gaminimas

melyniu, avieciu, tresniu serbentu uogiene Mėlynių, aviečių, juodųjų serbentų uogienė

Miško ir sodo uogų sezoninė asorti uogienė žiemai

Marinuoti agurkai su pomidorais Marinuoti agurkai ir pomidorai

Marinuotų agurkų ir pomidorų žiemai receptas

idaryta vistienos krutinele Įdaryta vištienos krūtinėlė

Įdarytos vištos krūtinėlės receptas su sūriu ir džiovintomis slyvomis apelsinų padaže.


Kopūstų auginimas

Kopūstų daiginimas ir sodinimas; kopūstų priežiūra; dirvos parengimas; kopūstų veislės, ligos ir kenkėjai daugiau

Kompanijų produkcija
Reabilitacijos ligoninė Palangoje
Reabilitacijos ligoninė Palangoje

Palangos reabilitacijos ligoninė

Raukšlių lyginimo procedūra
Raukšlių lyginimas hialurono ir botulino injekcijomis Vilniuje

Raukšlių korekcija injekcijomis. Hialurono ir botulino in...

Plaukelių šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje veido ir rankų srityje
Plaukelių šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje

Plaukų šalinimas Vilniuje nuo įvairių kūno vietų - pažast...

Veido jauninimas Viršuliškėse
Grožio klinika Viršuliškėse

Grožio terapijos ir chirurgijos klinika Viršuliškėse

Grožio klinika Naujamiestyje
Grožio klinika Naujamiestyje

Lazerinės ir estetinės dermatologijos klinika Naujamiestyje.

Kviečiame į kirpyklų ir kosmetikos mugę

Kirpyklų ir kosmetikos mugė

Botulino injekcijos Vilniuje

Botulino injekcijos Vilniuje

Žuvų taukai Equazen Eye Q.
Equazen eye q žuvų taukai

Žuvų taukai mitybą papildo riebiosiomis rūgštimis

Naujienų prenumerata

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